Table tracker system
automatically show where the guest is sitting

Table Tracker is the new way to combine self-service and service by service staff. The guest orders at the counter, gets the pager (tablet tracker) and sits down already at a belibigen place in the restaurant.

On the table, the guest places the table tracker pager on a sticker placed there, triggering a broadcast with the table number on the service software. Under the sticker RFID tags are attached – the pager recognizes these RFID tags and immediately sends the table number to the table tracker software at the counter.

The waiters, or service forces now know on which table the guest sat down and bring him the food. Table Tracker is ideal if you want to offer an extended self-service concept in the catering industry.

The guest can already sit down and does not have to be readjusted. The service staff know which table the guest has chosen.

Table-tracker pager

The table-tracker pager takes the guest to the table when he has ordered at the bar.

As soon as the table tracker is placed on the table, the tracker reads the table number via an RFID sticker and sends it automatically to the table tracker software.

There, the service now knows on which table the food for the pager 17 must be delivered. The table tracker pager is charged via a charging station.

A maximum of 10 trackers can be loaded on a stack at the same time.

We also recommend a second charging station for the returned tracker pagers (cycle effect – stack with fully loaded trackers, second stack with the returned trackers).

  • Dimensions: 12 cm x 10 cm x 1 cm
  • Color silver with number imprint
  • Power supply: 3.3V lithium polymer battery (reloadable)

Table tracker software with receiver and USB dongle

Table tracker, desktop finder receiver with software on USB stick for installation on a PC (touch monitor is recommended), software, receiver and repeater for the table-tracking system.

With the help of the table tracker, the service force finds the guest.

The guest receives a table-tracking pager handed out at the order counter. At the cash register, the pager number is recorded for dinner.

The guest sits down at the table and puts the pager on a special table sticker.

Under the table is an RFID tag – the pager automatically reports the table number to the table tracker software and the service is optimally informed.

Radio Repeater for Table Tracker, one repeater
per 10 tables required

In order to optimally map the radio ranges in restaurants when using the table tracker, a radio repeater is installed per 10 tables.

LRS radio repeater works with the energy-saving Zigbee wireless technology.

The TX-1605 Table-Tracker Repeater works with this technique.

Dimensions: 9 cm wide, 6 cm deep, 2.5 cm high

Power supply: 5V

Clearing unit to finish table tracker operation

The clearing unit terminates the service processes for the table tracker.

The times are recorded in the software.

To finish the table tracking process per guest, the clearing unit is required.

At least 1 clearing station per table tracker system.

On the clearing unit, the returned table tracker pager is placed in order to confirm and derecognize the serving process.

RFID tags for the Table Tracker table recognition,
round in CD format, with antenna

At the table are applied RFID tags in CD format. e.g. below the table.

Above the table, we recommend placing a marker so that guests know where to place the table trackers.

We recommend 2-3 tags per table.

  • 11.5 cm diameter – Includes RFID chip, antenna and battery, which is charged via radio to the function query.
  • An optional absorption foil is recommended for metal tables so that the RFID can also work on metal tables.

Charger for the Table Tracker Pager
Charge max. 10 trackers in the stack

One charging station is required per 10 table tracker.

In addition, we recommend 1 charging station as a return station to allow a cycle of freshly charged and just returned trackers.

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