Practical pager software with a simple user interface for sending text messages to LRS pagers

New version of the pager software available.

A new version of the pager software has been available since 2016. In addition to the normal USB and serial transmitters, this now also works with LAN transmitters from LRS. In this way, the LAN transmitter can be placed as high as possible in the building and can be reached via the computer network.

Furthermore, the installation was simplified so that the database, web server and application are installed fully automatically. The software is mainly used by logisticians and in the medical field.

With the Alpha11 Pager software, we offer practical software that can be used to send text messages to pagers very easily.

In addition, the normal pagers (coaster, lobster, pizza, SP4, aqua pager, staff pager, guest pager, SafeTouch pager) can be adapted so that they flash, beep or vibrate (or also in combination).

The pager software works via a web browser so that the software only has to be installed on a single PC. All others in the same company network can then access it via the browser using the PC’s IP address with the pager software. Of course, password protected and with the respective user name.

Application examples for the pager software:

  • Logistics pager: Often waiting, foreign drivers on foreign cell phones have to be called at high costs and laboriously explained which gate they have to drive to.

    With the use of the logistics pager, the expensive calls on the foreign driver cell phones are no longer necessary. When registering, the driver receives the driver pager and can use the waiting time as a rest period.

    If it is his turn, he will receive a short text by text on the logistics pager, e.g. “Go to 84 ramp” – the driver is quickly and conveniently informed via the pager that he should drive onto ramp 84. The pager beeps and vibrates very strongly, so that the drivers are woken up from their sleep.

  • Doctor-pager: Specialist practices give the waiting patients more comfort with the pagers. They no longer have to be in the waiting room, but can e.g. Wait for the pager call in a nearby café or shopping center.

    If the waiting time is longer than expected, e.g. in the event of an emergency, all waiting patients can be informed of the extended waiting time via a group message.

  • Clinics, hospitals: Just like with specialists, patients can stay in the hospital café (they are often happy about additional sales) instead of in the waiting room area. Especially with longer waiting times to be expected, this noticeably increases patient satisfaction.

    Using the pager software, the individual departments can directly pagify the patient and also send text messages, such as “Please come to X-ray 3!”.

  • Restaurants, cafes, hotels: the pager software is also useful in the catering sector. In the hotel, e.g. via the in-house WiFi network The housekeeping staff will inform the housekeeping staff if these rooms should be refurbished.

    Waiting hotel guests whose room is not yet ready can also be in the area and are informed via the pager when the room is ready. In the restaurant area, self-service guests are informed about the finished meal and pick up the food they have previously ordered.
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