Using Pager is very easy. The Pager are on a charging station. Maximal 15pcs on one charger. If a guest, driver or patient get a Pager, the Pager makes an selfttest. Now it blinks and vibrate 3 times. – Here is a good thing to tell about the function of the Pager. “If it blinks or vibrate, please come back to us to get your ordered food, or go to the Doctor or drive in with your truck….

The Pagers hat an battery capactiy for 48 hours max. The always lays down on the charging station. But take care. Better you use even the Return Pager station, to make a circle from fresh loaded Pagers and Pagers where you getting back after the waiting time. With two charging stations you have the perfect circlt of fresh loaded Pagers and on the 2nd charging station with the returned Pager.

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