The comfortable Apronti doctor-pagers from Alpha11 simplify internal communication in the doctor’s office.

In the patient talk a call would interfere and so inconspicuously the doctor can be informed about the pager.

Messages to the doctor are sent via the pager software by the assistant and sent within a radius of 1.5 km to the transmitting station on the doctor pager.

The calls are free of registration and toll, no monthly costs.
One-time purchase costs or later battery replacement, that’s all.

The following solutions are available for internal practice communication:

Pocket radio receiver for incoming pager calls, stackable pocket pager

Pocket pager to carry the pager in the doctor’s smock in the pocket.

This can also vibrate and beep (deactivatable) in addition to predefined text message.

Click on a key to accept the call.

If several pocket pagers are in use and a paging has been deposited on all in the call button, the other pocket pager will show “Remote deletion”.

This ensures that colleagues are informed when someone has already accepted the call.

Powerful pager to inform doctor or employee

Doctor pager to receive text messages.

The texts are sent from the central office at the reception desk, for example. sent from the pager software to the doctor or other staff.

4-line pager

4-line pager pager (ideal for calling the doctor if no text messages are to be sent).

Registration and Toll Free at 446, 15625 MHz.

Registered with RegTP RegTP.

Sending station with 1,5km range and up to 4x with repeaters extendable.

The pager flashes, vibrates when it is called over the pager number.

Apronti bracelet radio receiver for incoming calls

Practical bracelet pager the text indicates who has called and at the same time vibrates strongly.

Charging via USB socket.

Wristband pager to receive pre-defined text with 16 characters of text from call buttons.

Optional charging station for the pocket pagers

Up to 10 compartments can be stacked on top of each other.

Practical and space saving.

Radio switch

Radio switch, if something is opened or closed like door, pharmacist cabinet, a text message is automatically sent to the wrist or pocket pager

Alpha11 offers a variety of practical solutions for the doctor’s practice.

If you have a specific task and are looking for a solution, just contact us by phone at +498124-4441350 or by e-mail at

We are happy to assist you with expert knowledge and help you to solve your task.

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