Service call for practice communication

With the call buttons, all rooms can be equipped either with built-in call buttons or with the table version. The call buttons have a continuous battery for up to 30,000 calls and a range of around 200m outdoors. With repeaters, the range can be extended up to 4x.

The installation buttons are handy small, so that they can be worn in the doctor’s coat. If the doctor needs a helper, he briefly presses the call button – the message immediately goes to the assistant’s pocket or wristband pager. There a 16-character long text is displayed, which has just pressed call button.

There is even a foot call button from the call buttons if the hands are already disinfected or if they are currently not free. Just press the stable foot call button, which is also equipped with a permanent battery and already the doctor’s assistant is called. For example, in operating rooms or at the dentist in the treatment room.

A call button with a stand can also be mounted at the reception if the reception is not permanently staffed. On the note-stand is clearly to recognize that one should press here, if someone should come.

Table-call button

  • Table call button with bell symbol with pocket pager for the doctor practice.
  • 200m range, as well as continuous battery for 30,000 calls.
  • Doctor pager paging button to call the helpers (here as a built-in version, but also on not mandatory must be installed).

Radio call switch

Wireless call switch – when the switch contact is closed, a 16-character text goes to the wristband or pocket pager

Radio call transceiver

  • Robust radio call transmitter for foot operation, e.g. in dentist’s offices, with control LED.
  • Ideal for applications in which both hands are needed at the moment or the hands can not be used.
  • Also ideal for handicapped people or people with disabilities who rely on foot control.

Pocket radio receiver for incoming pager calls

  • Pocket pager to carry the pager in the doctor’s smock in the pocket.
  • This can also vibrate and beep (deactivatable) in addition to predefined text message.
  • Click on a key to accept the call.
  • If several pocket pagers are in use and a paging has been deposited on all in the call button, the other pocket pager will show “Remote deletion”.
  • This ensures that colleagues are informed when someone has already accepted the call.

Optional charging station for the pocket pagers

  • Up to 10 compartments can be stacked on top of each other.
  • Practical and space saving.
  • Radio switch, if something is opened or closed like door, pharmacist cabinet, a text message is automatically sent to the wrist or pocket pager.

Apronti bracelet radio receiver for incoming calls

  • Practical bracelet pager The text indicates who has called and at the same time vibrates strongly.
  • Charging via USB socket.
  • Wristband pager to receive pre-defined text with 16 characters of text from call buttons

Paging receiving station

  • Pager call Receiving station for the wall displays calls via LED.
  • Wall receiver indicating which call button has been called.
  • Also conceivable as a subsequent communication option at the bedside, if there is no infrastructure for a nurse call system

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