Apronti call button

In adjoining rooms or conference areas where you do not want to be disturbed, or the service is to come at the touch of a button, the Apronti Call wireless call buttons on the table, which can be installed as well as on the table with a stand.

Apronti CALL is the ideal radio button to call the service to the table.

Usable as:

  • Service call for the guest in the restaurant at the table (no waving) “Where the supply comes quickly, more is consumed and earned more!”
  • Hotel lobby as extended counter bell
  • Fitness center: Call button to call trainer to the device
  • Trade and wholesale markets: Call a consultant for the shelf
  • Security: Unobtrusively call for help (security) to the bar / counter
  • Ships / Yachts: As a steward call, the radio pushbuttons have already proven themselves on yachts. For steel ships, the paging is networked with a 2-wire bus system.
  • VIP area: Get in touch with the secretary at the push of a button in board offices / conferences
  • Casinos: Players are reluctant to leave their gaming machine and can conveniently request change / drinks, etc.
  • Butler service: At the simple push of a button, the personal service staff (Butler, Maid, etc.) receive a message at any time in which room assistance is required.

Table-call button

Table call button with bell or waiter icon with pocket pager for restaurants, cafes, hotels and bakeries.

200m range, as well as continuous battery for 30,000 calls.

Waiter-pager paging button to call the staff (here as a built-in variant, but also on not mandatory must be installed).

Pocket radio receiver for incoming pager calls, stackable pocket pager

Pocket pager to carry the pager in the waiter’s smock in the pocket.

This can also vibrate and beep (deactivatable) in addition to predefined text message.

Click on a key to accept the call.

If several pocket pagers are in use and a paging has been deposited on all in the call button, the other pocket pager will show “Remote deletion”.

This ensures that colleagues are informed when someone has already accepted the call.

Optional charging station for the pocket pagers

Up to 10 compartments can be stacked on top of each other.

Practical and space saving.

Apronti bracelet radio receiver for incoming calls

Practical bracelet pager the text indicates who has called and at the same time vibrates strongly.

Charging via USB socket.

Wristband pager to receive pre-defined text with 16 characters of text from call buttons.

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